Monday, December 8, 2008

Will the real CEO please stand up

Telling stories. Everything you do tells a story. About you, about me (how I feel when I hear your story).

So the Big 3 took private planes to DC for their first beg.

The second time (after public outcry) they drove hybrid cars.

Who are they? Are they the guys who fly in private jets everywhere? Or, are they the guys who drive all day to get to a meeting?

I'm not making a judgement here about which mode of transportation they should choose to take. But I do take notice on how and why they made each decision. Which one is authentic to each of them? Did one of them want to drive the first time but were swayed to fly for security reasons? Did one of them say, "I'm not wasting 10 hours in a car just to make a show." And then he was convinced that the show needed to happen?

It was reported this morning that John Thain, CEO of Merrill Lynch, had requested a $10 million bonus. And then this afternoon it was reported that he will "decline" any bonus this year. What happened? Which one is he?

I may or may not agree with private planes and large bonuses in our present economic situation. But I will always agree with being told the truth. I want to feel that what you say is authentic. If I think you're putting on a show then I won't know when to trust you.

So who are these guys?

Who are you?