Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who am you?

Is that headline an improper use of grammar? Nope. At least not when 'you' consider this...

Most of the time, when we tell a story we say, "It's like when 'you' wake up in the middle of the night and 'you' can't sleep..." But we're talking about 'me', 'I'.

So I'm working consciously on saying, "It's like when 'I' wake up at night and 'I' can't sleep..."

It's very powerful to take full responsibility for my actions, my thoughts and all of my words.

Still working on eliminating, ""

But hey...I used to live in California!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Windows 777

I have Windows Vista on the laptop I'm using to type this.

It's slower than I'd like. Takes a long time to boot up.

Microsoft knows they blew it.

So what if they offered me, and any Vista user, a really big discount for Windows 7? "Hey Gregory, we messed up. But we want you as a customer for life. Get 7 now and we'll let you have it for $7.77."

I'd take it...and tell everyone about it...and I'd stop visiting the Apple store. At least for a while.

They'd get million$ of PR, and send a message that they care, that they get it, that I exist to them.

But they don't.

Gotta go...

to the Apple store.